Well, what a stonking year for film it has been. This year’s top ten includes some really difficult decisions and many, many worthy titles almost made the list. Before we get to the winners, I must mention a few of the titles that are also worth your time:

Kings of Summer was an overlooked gem of a film. A group of young boys decide to say goodbye to their conventional home lives one summer and build a home in the woods away from the prying eyes of parents, bullies and the trappings of modern life. The Idyll is shattered when one of the boys introduces a girl into the mix who unintentionally drives a wedge between them.
Though sharing many similarities with Lord of the Flies, this is, at heart, a love letter to childhood friendships and nostalgic school holidays and is certainly a film that is guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Philomena is a tour de force for both Judi Dench and Steve Coogan in this heart-warming drama of a woman attempting to find a link to her past. As a young girl Philomena gives up her child for adoption but not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of him. With the help of ex BBC journalist Martin Sixsmith she gets the opportunity to discover what happened and the trip they share changes both of them forever.

Essentially a road-trip movie, this is cracking stuff from both of the leading actors and, with its limited budget and un-flashy direction, this should be just as enjoyable on the small screen as it was in cinemas.

Lastly, I feel that Oblivion should also get a mention. This Tom Cruise led sci-fi adventure may suffer from a lack of originality in the script department but it simply looks and sounds incredible. The level of detail in this futuristic world from the gadgets and various methods of transport through to the locations (both real and fake) are astonishing.

The score was also one of the best of the year – a low key trance and orchestrated fusion which progressively builds up to the movie’s finale.

For those reasons alone it’s worth picking up if you want to show off your latest TV or Blu-Ray player as every paused scene looks stunningly beautiful.

Anyway, here are my personal recommendations of the must see films of the year:

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