In a year that gave us more coverage on Donald Trump’s hair, water is found on Mars and Sepp Blatter toys with the idea of taking a nice long retirement cruise, we take a look at the blinding year of cinema highlights.

There were a few that almost made it into the final ten including Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. This true-life drama of tensions between the USA and Russia during the cold war was masterfully told and had one of the best performances of the year from Mark Rylance (A strong contender for an ‘eyebrows of the year award’). Though the acting was strong, the story itself may simply not be gripping or personal enough to many in the audience but it’s certainly worth your time if you catch in on the small screen.

Ant-Man was also a great deal of fun and for those people getting slightly jaded by the slew of super-hero movies, this was a charming, smaller scale affair with a great big dollop of heart. Apparently size really doesn’t matter.

Other almost-made-its included the beautifully shot Slow West. A character led western starring Michael Fassbender as a bounty hunter sworn to protect a nerdy loved-up teenager as he attempts to track down the object of his infatuation. Fassbender was also splendid as the titular Steve Jobs. An excellent script by Aaron Sorkin made what could have been a very average biopic into a dramatic, thrilling and occasionally comic journey through the man’s life.

But with no further delay, let’s get into the ten films that really stood out from the herd this year…

Whiplash: It seems a very long time ago since this gem of a film made its way to the screens. A simple two-hander about the bully, his victim and the effect they have upon one another. Set in the world of a prodigious class for gifted musicians, we follow Andrew (Miles Teller) as he embarks on a journey to become the greatest drummer in jazz history. Pushing Andrew to his limits is the overbearing, vindictive teacher, Fletcher (J K Simmons), who sees Andrew’s talent but pushes him to breaking point until, inevitably, one of them goes too far.

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